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Pet Owner Masochism

By: Angie Whitlock, NCHS President

Are Humans Masochists?

You've most likely heard the word used jokingly by someone who doesn't understand your motivation for doing something painful, like "another" pet after yours died.

You cried for days, carried their favorite toy in your pocket, and haven't moved the food bowl for six months. Why do we keep getting dogs, cats, and chickens, (yes chickens) as pets when we know they're going to die in 10 years (or 20)?

When they do die, those around us, tell us to get over it, it was just an animal. We adopt another because that pet loved us, they didn't judge us, (well, cats are always judging), they don't question, and they love us for who we are. How many relationships with humans do you have like that?

We can euthanize our pets when they're suffering and their life has less quality, (wish we could some people). But when do we know it's time to let them go?

Ask yourself what are your pets three favorite things to do. Get a butt scratch, chase a ball, watch the birds, go for a walk, play in the cat nip, or dig a hole in the yard. If your pet no longer does those things, you need to start thinking about letting the pet go.

Pets stop doing basic things when they don't feel good. We can have our pets euthanized when their life is fading. When they're in pain and you know they're not going to get better, you have to decide to do the right things.

They can't do it alone and you should stay with them till their last breathe!

Cry if you want at every birthday for your pet. Im sure there is a Facebook page for grieving chicken owners. Join!

Or better yet, volunteer with a pet rescue!

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