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Foster FAQs

By: Newnan-Coweta Humane Society

Do you have room in your heart and home to provide temporary care for a rescued shelter pet? For every pet that is fostered, another life can be saved. We can only help as many animals as we have space available.

Why Foster?

  • All supplies are provided

  • Help an animal transition & learn to love

  • Have a companion without the lifetime commitment

  • Help save lives!!!

Your Role

Provide the care for a homeless pet, as if he/she is your own, until he/she is placed for adoption. You will experience learning the pet's personality, temperament, and preferences.

Your feedback will help us identify a preferred match for the best permanent family home.

What should I expect when fostering a pet?

Before fostering a pet, make sure you know what to expect in terms of pet care requirements and household preparations.

● As a foster parent, you are expected to care for your foster animals as you would care for your own pets.

● Fosters sometimes need to learn basic obedience and household rules.

● If you have other pets at home, make a plan to introduce them to your foster pet slowly and calmly.

How do you become a foster parent you ask? To get started, simply fill out an online application and one of our team members will contact you!

Pet Foster Parents Truly Saves Lives!

2023 Numbers for Cats & Dogs:

Cats brought in: 324

Dogs brought in: 47

Cats adopted out: 280

Dogs adopted out: 44


Frequently Asked Questions, Answered:

  • Am I expected to buy supplies for my foster? No!! NCHS will provide the supplies you will more than likely need; as well as, cover all veterinary expenses, pet medications. Including: food, treats, toys, litter, leashes, crates, etc. However, many of the fosters do treat their fosters to some things out of pocket but not required.

  • How long am I expected to foster? We prefer that you commit to fostering your animal until an adoptive home can be found. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how long this will take. It depends on the animal's breed, age, temperament, and the time of year, as well as, making sure the foster animals are at adoption events. If you can only foster for a specific period of time, please be certain to indicate this upfront to the NCHS representative you are working with.

  • Can I rename my foster? Typically, for record purposes, we do not allow fosters to rename the pets. This is because the system we use to manage the pets, their picture, medical health, bios, etc. with that specific name.

  • Can I adopt my foster? Yes, so long as we all feel it makes sense. Please make the decision carefully so that you are not deciding to keep the animal solely because it is to difficult to let him/her go. The first few foster experiences can be difficult, as you'll get attached and may have trouble letting go. But remember, your role as a foster person is absolutely invaluable! As an adopter you may only be able to save one animal's life, but as a foster parent you will have the opportunity to potentially save dozens of animals! You will need to work with your NCHS contact person to discuss whether your adoption is truly in the best interest of your foster animal.

  • What if my foster isn't working out? NCHS will make every effort to ensure a good and safe foster match! However, there are times when this will fail in this case, contact your NCHS Rep, ASAP. If the issue is minor, NCHS will work with you to address them. Many times, problems can be solved by trying a few new things and/or by giving the animal time to adjust to your home. For example, we can switch crates, switch foods, or offer simple behavioral solutions to try. Other times, an animal may simply not be a good fit for your home or lifestyle. NCHS will always take the foster animal back if an issue cannot be resolved. However, we ask that you give us at-least 24 hours to make a plan. If that is not possible, we will make emergency arrangements. NCHS never wants to put the safety of the foster person, their own animals, or the foster animal in jeopardy.

  • How do I know my foster is going to the right adopter? NCHS feels that foster volunteers should, as much as possible, make the decision regarding the home in which their foster animal gets permanently places. We recognize that you have probably developed a close bond with our foster animal and want to make sure he/she gets only the best home. You will need to work closely with you NCHS team leader to determine if an adopters is suitable. Together, you will work as a team to determine adopter suitable for your foster.

  • What if my foster needs to be vetted? The foster will need to correspond with the Cat/Dog Team Director and/or Medical Liaison, if the animal is needing surgeries or vet visits. Vaccinations (FVRCP & DHPP, can be done in-house. Rabies must be done by a vet). General medicines- for the cat side, are the responsibility of the fosters and they need to come to Pokey's Place and make sure they're readily stocked for incoming fosters. Surgeries need to be approved by Linda and the board for financial approval. The foster will need to correspond with the Cat/Dog Team Director and/or Medical Liaison.

  • What if my foster has a vetting emergency? We always want to make sure all of our animals get the very best medical care - especially in the case of an emergency. If your animal has an obvious and clear emergency (hit by car, serious fight with an animal, ingestion of dangerous object) then contact your NCHS and inform that you will be taking the animal to your nearest emergency vet. NCHS does not usually receive discounts from emergency vets, so any emergency vet visit needs to be approved by your NCHS representative.

  • What if I have to leave town? Please notify us ahead of time so that we can make arrangements for your foster animal to go elsewhere while your gone. Some foster people (who have other pets) have pet sitters who will also watch their foster pets. Always notify your NCHS representative about making arrangements with another foster volunteer and be sure to give enough warning so that we can help you. Keep in mind holidays can be difficult to find space and is expensive, the more advance the better!

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