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What have we done in 2023?

Updated: Jan 19

By: Angie Whitlock, former NCHS President

Social Media is Rocking!!

Fundraising has kicked it!

Cat team is raising the fur & Dog team is taking a bite out of it!

Cat Team Stats

275+ counting adoptions

64 in foster care

Dog Team Stats

40+ adoptions

25 in foster care

Communication is broadcasting!

All teams have chats now, emails are more consistent, newsletters & paw prints are sent out, monthly articles appear in the blogs & resource section on our website, podcasts are recorded, ads are placed, and signs are displayed!

The building is updating!

The Pet Food Pantry container got an awning, the dead trees will come down in 2024, the Kitten Graveyard was beautified by the Girl Scouts, the plumbing was repaired, the well shed will be removed & replaced in 2024, and the new doors were put on the kennels. Still looking for someone to lay bricks.

Fiscal Finickiness!

We have a treasurer who is a treasure!!! We went from having a financially difficult year due to an increase in serious medical bills to being able to face another year.

Animal Activism!

We have attended numerous councils, commissioners meetings, Kiwanis meetings, schools, & churches. We are fighting for lives!

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