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It Never Stops...

By: Angie Whitlock, NCHS President

It is called compassion fatigue.

Just like there are not enough pet-homes, there are not enough foster homes.

Just like you are tired, we are tired. We hear it all; I am not at home enough, I work nights, I could not part with a foster, I would adopt them all-when I used to coordinate fosters, I would tell them upfront that fostering is like raising children.

You provide shelter, sustenance, & training for the future life they will have. You raise them to go to their, homes & so it is with being a foster. A friend of mine is appalled I would compare pets to children. But the principles are the same. Even easier with pets?!

What does the foster do? Love, shelter, & provide.

The rescues will give you food, litter, bedding, crates, leashes, etc., etc. The rescue will take care of the medical care. You are not home during the day? Cats sleep most of the day. You never had a pet before? We will be with you the whole time. It will have challenges.

Some animals have never been in a home. They will have accidents, fear dishwashers, or hide. But that will pass. And we will be with you the whole time.

Quote By: Matthew Scully, Speech Writer for George W. Bush

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