kitten nursery


Its Officially Kitten Season! We already have multiple bottle babies and moms with litters in our care. This means we are very low on supplies and we need your help!

the goal

Every year kitten season reaches Georgia and animal rescues across the State work to give all these new kittens the best chance at a new life they can. When possible we keep the mom and babies together through nursing as the moms gives vital training and life skills they desperately need. However, that’s not always possible. Some of our fosters take on the challenge of raising the kittens who have no mom. This tiring task can be made easier with the addition of a kitten nursery.

kitten nursery

There’s plenty of things our team needs to make the kitten nursery possible, from milk supplements and blenders to enclosures and incubators. Every donation, whether monetary or a gift from our registry, helps. With your help and our volunteers hard work, we hope to be able to share the responsibility in a comfortable and safe environment

NCHS would like to thank everyone who have already donated to our Kitten Nursery as we continue to fund raise and improve our ability to care for sick and injured kittens.