NCHS 2nd Anual Calendar

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About the calendar

The 2020 NCHS Calendar features adopted animal from 2019. We have the cat and dog calendars featuring just a select few of the adorable rescue animals that came into our care before finding their forever homes. We hope to raise funds to go towards maintaining our building and all of the medical and foster costs so that we can look after these animals the best way we can. Calendars will be on sale the beginning of October.


Several of our Top Dog Sponsors provided us with coupons to put in the calendar! All valid until the Dec 2020, including Partners ii Pizza coupon extended to 2021!

How to receive

Calendars will be available at adoption events and online. If you donate online one of our volunteers will contact you regarding delivery or pick-up as soon as it is available. Donate using the link to the right! Alternatively they will be available at the following NCHS hosted or attended events:

  • Dogwood Paws&Claws Festival


Thanks to the following sponsors NCHS has been able to completely cover the funds for the initial order of Calendars. Meaning our costs have been completely covered. Every cent that you donate to receive a calendar is going to straight to help cover all of our medical fees and costs.

Top dog

Cool Cat

Available Oct 5th